Where Does Your QR Code Take People?

Many businesses are now using QR codes to direct people towards their websites to gain attention.  There is some debate on those who think QR codes are here to stay and some think they’re a waste, but they are easy and free to create with various applications on app markets.

If you know the potential customers are using a smartphone to view your site because of a QR code you created, then why not give them a mobile website to view?!  It doesn’t matter what your business provides, if you have a website already, then there is a need for a mobile website.

Do not make the mistake that Boar’s Head made by spending lots of money on mobile campaigns and have it be a gigantic waste of money because the desktop version of your website requires lots of “pinching” on a smartphone to manage it.

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Michael Vanderhorst


(937) 470-8588


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